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 Cleaver's Prozac Fever

welcome to dadsville.

"dadsville" is a series of dadly fictions.
If you enjoy, please make a generous donation of money or volunteer time
to the local organization of your choice promoting child health and welfare.

volume 3, number 2

volume 3, number 1

volume 2, number 20

volume 2, number 19
knife & sharp stick

volume 2, number 18
our day in dadsville

volume 2, number 17
macondo transit authority

volume 2, number 16

volume 2, number 15
bowling for downers

volume 2, number 14

volume 2, number 13
the magyar

volume 2, number 12
dark shadowphobia

volume 2, number 11
alimentary gardening

volume 2, number 10
hair today, kong tomorrow

volume 2, number 9
the super-secret adventures of underwear man

volume 2, number 8
supersoaker sniper

volume 2, number 7
death and taxes

volume 2, number 6
lizzy borden took an axe

volume 2, number 5
valentines from hell

volume 2, number 4

volume 2, number 3
anykey & genesee

volume 2, number 2
wild, wild, webelos

volume 2, number 1
bagging grandma

volume 1, number 8
dog day decorating

volume 1, number 7
zoltar, knower of all

volume 1, number 6
the spaghetti incident? part II

volume 1, number 5
the spaghetti incident? part I

volume 1, number 4
white christmas, pink slip

volume 1, number 3

all forked up

volume 1, number 2
rust never sleeps, and rarely runs

volume 1, number 1
meet the cleavers

something for the kiddies:

"the last christmas tree"

an original christmas tale to print and read to your kids

"goodbye, pumpkin pie!"

an original thanksgiving tale to print and read to your kids

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The short stories, and this site, are dedicated to the memory of my brother Ken,
who died of cancer May 19, 1998 at the age of 36.
He was dad to four small children; a remarkable dad and a remarkable man.